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lynn's cafe


Nestled on the corner in the center of Pagleand, Lynn’s café offers affordable breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a hometown atmosphere. Whether you’re in the mood for a grilled cheese and soup, cheeseburger, steak, or breakfast, Lynn’s can accommodate your requests for as little cost as a fast food combo.


101 w. mcgregor st.

pageland, sc 29728

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Hours of Operation:

Monday: 5AM - 2PM; 4:30PM - 9PM

Tuesday: 5AM - 2PM

Wednesday: 5AM - 2PM; 4:30PM - 9PM

Thursday: 5AM - 2PM; 4:30PM - 9PM

Friday: 5AM - 2PM; 4:30PM - 9PM

Saturday: 5AM - 2PM; 4:30PM - 9PM

Sunday: CLOSED

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