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The Big Country Tavern is a restaurant and bar that committed to serving the residents of Chesterfield and the surrounding area. The goal is to make each person feel welcome and invite them to be a part of the family. The laid-back atmosphere is resemblant of the an old town smokehouse and saloon. The menu is composed of fresh foods (including locally grown fruits and vegetables when available), smoked pork, chicken and other great dishes. When you stop by, you will be welcomed to the aroma of hickory and other woods on the fire providing the smoke used to prepare the provisions. Come join the family at the Big Country tavern and enjoy great food, great drinks, and warm smiles.



4513 Highway 145 North

Chesterfield, SC 29709

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Hours of Operation:

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: CLOSED 

Wednesday: 5PM - 10PM

Thursday: 5PM - 10PM

Friday: 5PM - 10PM

Saturday: 5PM - 10PM


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